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What is the NADA Protocol?

The NADA protocol consists of the insertion of five small, fine, sterile stainless steel needles under the surface of the skin on specific sites in the outer ear. These five points are standard points which control withdrawal symptoms and help patients become more clear-headed and comfortable. During treatment, recipients of the NADA protocol sit quietly in groups for 30-45 minutes, relaxing.

What are the benefits of the NADA Protocol?


It decreases both craving for alcohol and symptoms of drugs withdrawal

positive MENTAl well-being

It significantly decreases anxiety, insomnia and agitation

accessible to all

It is clinically effective, cost efficient, drug-free, and compatible across cultures

Our Core Values


A society in which communities can provide their members with affordable and accessible treatment for physical and mental health conditions through ear acupuncture detoxification used in conjunction with other treatment modalities.


To provide ear acupuncture detoxification training and services to individuals and communities in order to promote and propagate its use and disseminate its benefits.

Support Our Work

individual impact

Support the training of a community-based worker

community impact

Support the training of an entire community

needle drive

Support the continuous drive for needles to sustain treatment efforts in distressed communities

emergency fund

Contribute to an emergency fund that allows ADSes to travel and respond to situations in areas where there are no ADSes

Become an ADS

NADA Philippines trains and certifies Acupuncture Detox Specialists (ADSes), who in turn are empowered to serve their communities.

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