Courses and Programs



NADA Philippines supports education and training related to the use of the NADA protocol in the treatment of drug and alcohol problems as well as other mental and behavioral health issues. The NADA protocol training and practice is open to community health workers and other interested individuals who have the heart to help others through their healing journey.

Community-Based Acudetox Program

In an effort to establish sustainable healing systems, NADA Philippines coordinates with organized communities to train individuals based in the community, as well as implement and monitor the practice of the Protocol for a specified period of time.

Emergency Response Program

Working with a network of agencies, NADA Philippines provides NADA protocol services in disaster situations to address cases of trauma and depression. We also initiate training of individuals in the community to engage them in the healing process.

Research and Program Development

Documentation is integral to the work of NADA Philippines. We generate data from the conduct of community clinics with various groups. We also develop and integrate teaching modules into the training.

NADA Philippines aims to contribute that which is truly Filipino to the body of knowledge from NADA International on the benefits of ear acupuncture.