The NADA Protocol


What is the NADA Protocol?

The NADA protocol consists of the insertion of five small, fine, sterile stainless steel needles under the surface of the skin on specific sites in the outer ear. These five points are standard points which control withdrawal symptoms and help patients become more clear-headed and comfortable, making them more ready and willing to go through talk therapy.

During treatment, recipients of the NADA protocol sit quietly in groups for 30-45 minutes, relaxing.

The NADA Protocol is most effective when used in combination with other treatment modalities .  The combined application of acupuncture with counseling , massage and self-help / support groups, etc. enhances treatment effectiveness.

What are the benefits of the NADA Protocol?

In addiction cases, the NADA protocol has been shown to significantly decrease:

  • Craving for alcohol
  • Withdrawal symptoms from drugs
  • Relapse
  • Inpatient detoxification admissions
  • Anxiety, insomnia, and agitation

Acupuncture treatment for substance misuse has been shown to be clinically effective, cost efficient, drug-free, and compatible across cultures.

NADA Philippines continues to build knowledge of treatment experiences in a local setting. Recepients of the NADA protocol include: the elderly, people with disabilities, children with special needs, and survivors of natural and man-made disaster.